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Building an electronic health record, using clinical terms that map to a code, has many advantages: easy audit, analysis, messaging and multiple ways of displaying the patient record.
Up until now it has been very difficult for doctors and other health personnel to populate the electronic health record with the result that the advantages of an electronic health record have remained largely theoretical.

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An anatomical gateway to coded clinical terms aimed at medical users, the Graphical Code Browser is a fast and intuitive method of finding coded terms using image word association. Point and click navigation takes users to small picklists of terms associated with anatomical sites or systems. Typically users find it 6 times faster to find and select clinical terms than in standard keyword searches. Non-anatomically associated terms and qualifiers are also supported. One click selection of a term sends it to the medical record or directly to the host system. The Graphical Code Browser contains over 170 high quality images from the Netter collection and over 1000 site associations.

The graphical code browser is implemented using Clinical Terms 3, however a READ 2 version can be made available on request. The product will also be available in SNOMED® CT after the official release date of that coding system.

A standalone version of the product is available for £50 plus VAT for evaluation.

The browser comprises a suite of Active-X components that can be implemented together to produce the Visual Read product. Components communicate via events and control is handled by the host. Total customisation is possible to suit all scenarios. The component will resize itself under the control of the host. The optimum viewing size (560 x 530 pixels) ensures all hotspots are available and the images display correctly.

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