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Our 3 coding tools, the Graphical Code Browser, Text Code Browser and Autocoder, can be used on their own, or in combination, terms being sent to the host system on selection by the user.

Terms selected by users must be stored temporarily before committal to the patient database in a structure that displays the context the user wishes to convey. Visual Read Company have experience in constructing a clinical data ‘notepad’ (MedCard) that support the structure of meaning (‘Context of Care’ and ‘Headings’) in the record.

The data within the MedCard is stored in a Tree View type of structure with nodes of data in a hierarchy of context. The MedCard provides the user with a notepad type of interface to build a record of the encounter with the patient before this is committed to the patient record database. Notes may be input from any of the data entry components supplied or as free-text directly into the MedCard. Coded terms and free-text can be mixed on the same page.

When the user has finished recording the notes the data is sent to the host system in a structured format. Alternatively Visual Read can construct an Electronic Patient Record database for the supplier that is capable of holding any type of clinical data.

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